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The Urban95 Academy

The Urban95 Academy is a fully-funded executive education programme for municipal leaders worldwide to learn and develop strategies to make cities better for babies, toddlers and their caregivers.

Blended Learning

The Urban95 Academy online course consist of two components, 15 online modules and 7 weekly live Zoom sessions.

Two to three modules will be released each week through the dedicated online learning platform: Learn Worlds. These sessions will have a mix of readings, videos, and assignments to view and complete at a time that is convenient to you.

In addition, there will be seven 60-minute live Zoom session each week with LSE faculty, guest speakers and fellow cohort participants. All team members are welcome to join the sessions, however, at least one member of every team is required to attend the live Zoom session each week.

Programme Outline

The online course content is divided into three components: vision & analysis, strategy & delivery, and leadership. Topics covered throughout the seven weeks will include neighbourhood design, mobility for families, social and environmental challenges, transforming behaviour through design, and principles of creating playful public spaces.

Vision & Analysis

Understand how cities that are designed to support the wellbeing of babies, toddlers and caregivers are better for all.

Evaluate what matters for young children and caregivers and gain the tools and skills to build your own baseline to measure long-term impact.

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Strategy & Delivery

Develop effective strategies that invest in improving social and spatial infrastructures.

Understand how to implement policy and deliver services that meet the needs of young children and caregivers and make cities more sustainable and equitable.

Learn how to design accessible neighbourhoods, public spaces, and transport systems, and develop financially viable projects that provide public value for money for the benefit of all citizens.

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Learn key skills for public purpose leadership and effective leadership styles for different situations.

Build an innovation culture across departments and help support an innovation ecosystem between public, private and third sector organisations.

Understand how a systems lens that prioritises babies, toddlers, and caregivers, can bring together diverse stakeholders and effect change.

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15 online modules delivered in 7 weeks

Participants will learn how to implement policies, gain effective strategies, and hone leadership skills to create urban environments that support healthy child development.

Week 1
Analysis & Vision
Welcome to the Urban95 Academy!

This session will introduce the key themes of the Urban95 Academy and the programme journey.

Social & Environmental Challenges 

This session looks at how social and environmental challenges are affecting young children and their caregivers.

Week 2
Analysis & Vision
Seeing the City from a Child's Perspective

This session will help you analyse a city from the perspective of young children and their caregivers.

Caregiver Wellbeing 

This session will help you understand caregiver wellbeing and what cities can do to support their needs and aspirations.

Week 3
Analysis & Vision
Sustainability & Environmental Transitions

This session introduces the foundations of sustainable urban design from a child-centric design perspective.

Dealing with Inequalities and Inclusive Cities

This course provides an overview of key strategies to reduce inequalities in cities.

Week 4
Planning & Delivery
Neighbourhood and Public Space Design

This session will help you to better plan and design, neighbourhoods and public places that are responsive to the needs of young children and caregivers.

Good Housing and Child Wellbeing

This session looks at the importance of stable and accessible housing for healthy childhood development and caregiver wellbeing.

Week 5
Planning & Delivery
Urban Street Space and Mobility & Accessibility

This session provides an overview of balancing urban place and movement functions and looks at how babies, toddlers, and caregivers move through and access urban spaces and transport systems.

Tailoring Design Interventions

This session looks at how participatory and behavioural design approaches can improve your programmes.

Week 6
Planning & Delivery
Governance and Institutional Change 

This session explores the foundations of urban governance necessary for advancing institutional change and developing enabling conditions for early childhood development in cities.

Project Preparation & Finance

This session provides an overview of the project lifecycle from conception to viability, finance and delivery.

Week 7
Leadership Styles

Understanding leadership values and styles.

Systems & Change Leadership

This course looks at change leadership from the lenses of systems in the context of implementing a child-friendly agenda in cities.

Innovation Leadership

This session looks at how leaders can nurture innovation in their cities.

Congrats on completing the Urban95 Academy!

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Residence Week

At the end of the seven-week online course, participants are asked to submit an action strategy assignment addressing a local challenge in their city. Based on this assignment and overall participation and engagement in the course, 10 cities are invited to come to an all-expenses paid Residence Week at the LSE in London.  

The Residence Week consists of intensive workshops, networking opportunities, London site visits, public lectures, and other events. Upon completing the programme, cities may also be eligible to receive additional technical support from Urban95 Academy partners and are invited to join the Urban95 global network of city practitioners and officials.

Residence week at a glance